Freitag, 17. Februar 2017

Cold blue...

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No Friday Five today, have to much to do, will join again next friday

Happy Weekend

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2017


Magnolia "Ricki" in my garden, photos from last year.
I've saved two very small withered plants from a scrap container by a market 
(one sunday in the early morning, as noboday were there). 
Plant them together in my garden. 
Now, after 12 years, they are stately bushes, enjoy me every spring.

Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

Perfect combination

We need a letter that’s like i & u together for when we’re doing stuff like this, 
he said & I hugged him & said a lot of people want a letter like that.

-storypeople -

Montag, 13. Februar 2017


Ja ich weisz, das will jetzt niemand mehr sehen... aber genau so war die letzte Woche hier,
 die Fotos sind von Samstag. Grau und bitter kalt. 
Das immer wieder versprochene Frühlingswetter kam erst gestern ein wenig hier an 
und ich frage mich, wo all die Schneeglöckchen bleiben, 
die ich jedes Jahr im Garten habe. Noch kaum etwas da.
Aber ich fand es so schön, wie das Kind seine Händchen neben die Vogelspur gedrückt hat, 
so etwas zu entdecken, das sind so kleine Glücksmomente...


Seen in the corridor of an art gallery,

Sonntag, 12. Februar 2017

Love matters

Someone once told me that people will do anything for love & I had a hard time believing that because there’s Love everywhere. In the sunlight & air & trees & rocks. In the way words attach themselves to the things we do & see. In the heartbeat (beat beat beat) of the world.

They told me that didn’t count. Love only counts if you get it from other people, they said.

I looked around & all I could see were people wanting love, but not wanting to give it because it might hurt. Or because someone might say Go away. Take your Love & go someplace else where people actually want it (which is silly, because that’s everywhere)

It still makes me wonder if the only reason people will do anything for Love is because they think there’s only a little bit

& not the whole world.

- storypeople -

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(maybe I have used  this story sometime earlier in my blog, 
but it is so awesome, I think, you can read it a second time - the picstory is new))

Freitag, 10. Februar 2017

Friday Five and a big sky theater

Good morning,

it's friday and time for Five on Friday and Willy Nilly Friday Five.
And I'm also sharing this post with Skywatch Friday
Scenic Weekends and All Seasons

On sunday morning the sky made a big theater
and I was lucky to see it and have my camery in hands...
I want to share these spectacular scenes.


After this famous intro came a boring grey day and a whole grey week.
But otherwise it was a good week. I could do some necessary things
 and also had time for a little creativity.
Not every week that happens, 
often the everyday life takes all my time and energy.


We still have not figured out the reason for my computer problems.
Have uninstalled Flashplayer, it has helped something ... and some other measures,
 but problems are not really eliminated.
It's just not a funny job here...


My blog has a little brother now: Color of hope.
The reason is, I have so many green photos but I cannot publish them, 
because green is often not matching with the colormoods of my other photos.
Finally I've created a new blog, especially for green pictures.

And I try to make a weekly linkup "Weekend Green".
It opens friday in the morning and will be active during the week.
You are invited to linkup some lovely green:
that can be a photo of plants or other things,
craftworks, painting, digital art, what includes the color green.

I hope, it will working correctly, still haven't experiences with linkups, 
it's my first try today.


To the beautiful sky I've choosen a simple beautiful song,
 performed by the German singer Isgaard.
I very like her voice.

Have a wonderful weekend